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  • One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

Working for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, AECOM is designing the public realm, including Liberty Park, for what may already be the most well-known urban site in the world, the World Trade Center (excluding the Memorial) in vibrant Lower Manhattan, catering to millions of tourists, visitors, commuters and residents. The project, which comprises the streets, plazas and parks within ‘Ground Zero,’ will unify and complete a 16-acre redevelopment project that includes five world-class skyscrapers, a performing arts center, a regional multi-modal transportation hub and a state-of-the-art vehicle security center. AECOM led an extensive coordination and consensus building effort involving a diverse, high-profile and influential group of public and private sector stakeholders, is focused on a high level of design conception and finish, and is charged with integrating all aspects of the visual and physical environment occupied by pedestrians and motorists in the out-of-doors. As a further complication, a greater part of the project will be constructed over underground facilities of various types and ownership. The project will manage and support an array of pedestrian movement, transportation, security, and retail programs, forming the resultant design into a cohesive unified and memorable public realm. AECOM also worked in joint venture with architect Santiago Calatrava to design the new multi-billion dollar permanent Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) Transportation Terminal. The design team is responsible for final engineering of site preparation, site stabilization, PATH facilities (tracks, platforms, mezzanine, etc.), preliminary through final design for the terminal building, pedestrian connections, security, sustainable design, vertical transportation and conveyances, and public wayfinding systems.
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